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Patriot commercial solar flag pole lights come fitted with high capacity 3.7V battery, the most commonly used battery in high power draining products. Coupled with a 6V solar panel and a high intensity LED bulb, these solar flag pole lights give you bright, long-lasting illumination ideal for showcasing your flag display.2-2 Patriot Requirements The Patriot ships from the factory without batteries. The Patriot requires ZAA [ batteries (not included). We recommend the use of lithium, rechargeable NiMH, or high-quality alkaline batteries for the best performance. If you plan on operating the Patriot in cold conditions (under 32F/0C), we suggest lithiumQuestion: "What is the biblical doctrine of illumination?" answer: simply put, illumination in the spiritual sense is "turning on the light" of understanding in some area. Throughout the ages, people in every culture and religion have claimed some kind of revelation or enlightenment from God (whether true or not).Helping 2 Spread The Truth & Promote Freedom & Liberty 4 All. That’s Our Only Agenda. Plain and Simple. Veteran, Father, Truth Seeker & Patriot God,Country,F.Strength, durability and ease of installation are amongst the key attributes designed into the latest version of our popular Patriot range. An all polycarbonate housing and diffuser provides a high level of vandal resistance and when coupled with the wide variety of finishes and lamp options available allows Patriot 2 to be used for most external and internal applications.”It didn’t even hit any of our trees until it was just about to land at our gate. “I’m burning this thing,” Jensen said.The complete flagpole LED lights kit made in USA. Photo-electric dusk to dawn switch adjustable for light sensitivity. 15 or 28 watt, up to 2,900 lumens.Illumination is the luminous flux received by a surface per unit area. Its unit is Lux or metre-candle or lumens per m2. Imagine a sphere of radius of one meter around a point source of one candela. This flux falls normally on the curved surface of the sphere which is 4 m2.Obviously, illumination at every point on the innerAt Patriot Depot, we stand for the national anthem and kneel at the cross. While it may not be the popular thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. God has blessed us with living in a nation. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist